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Ancestral wisdom, progress for the future.

We believe in holistic empowerment.

Texto sobre paño verde: Our Suppliers Program is a unique in the Andes project of collaboration with 18 local farming communities of the Bolivian south highlands. We support and assist in techniques to grow and manage Organic Royal Quinoa from the seeding to the post-harvest processes; the provision of Organic supplies and tools secure a good result in the organic crop and a fair trade Price for their products. Our program is a socially responsible way to guarantee the sustainability of our process and the traceability of our organic production. This way, we improve and evolve as a community, and we can all share and enjoy the wonderful legacy of Royal Quinoa!

Discover our path from our farms to the fork. From the fork to your heart.

The re-evolution of our Suppliers Program.

Nourishing the world of energy and well-being.

Our company grows, our brand re-evolves. We are stronger than ever, ready to leap into a new transformative future. We want to share our knowledge and energy to empower and nourish the world, while remaining –as always– steadfast protectors of our ancestral legacy, our people and our soil.

A visón of holistic empowerment is the driver of our fair pricing policy, guaranteeing our farmers fair payment of the quiona that they grow under the rigorous controls and quality we have established together.

Challenging commitment and sustainable processes.

The chemical composition of our soils converts the foods that we offer you in energy that nourishes: true nutritious products that are 100% suitable for vegans, gluten-free and non GMO, among other characteristics.

Our transparency is provable, as is the case with the 8 control stages that guarantee our traceability policy since the raw material leaves the fields, arrives in our plant and ends up on your table.

The farmers that work alongside us are trained and constantly receiving feedback and support from our technical staff to improve yields and ensure soil conservation of their lands.

Ancestral wisdom, progress for the future.

We grow with our communities guaranteeing an organic and sustainable process. Together with our farmers, every day, we stablish objectives to fight against the trust deficit in the organic quinoa production.