It is our pleasure to introduce you to Andean Valley Corporation. Not only do we hope that through this COMMERCIAL BROCHURE, you can learn in depth about our company, our producer families that produce and provide Organic Royal Quinoa, our facilities and technology, the large variety of products from our wide range of processed food based on Organic Royal Quinoa and its main characteristics and technical information, but also for you to perceive what each of the members of this corporation transmit... "Provide life quality through offering healthy food, having Organic Royal Quinoa as the central axis of nutrition"!.

In essence, this brochure presents a commercial offer of products that are based on the work of over 20 years with this wonderful Andean grain, the mother grain of our ancestral cultures… always true to our agroecological principles of sustainable organic production, very high quality criteria in our processing plants and a highly trained and motivated personnel to provide the best service.

Since the early days when our company started with a small plant in the back of our home in an "Andean Valley" of the city of La Paz - Bolivia... until today, that our Andean Valley ® brand is present in the 5 continents ... Andean Valley Corporation maintains the same business values: "always work closely with our producers, provide better life quality to our consumers by offering nutritious, healthy and very tasty food, generating long-term relationships with our customers and enjoying the authentic Bolivian Royal Quinoa"

I give you the warmest welcome to our corporation and I hope you and your company can enjoy the experience of working with us... as do today more than 30 companies worldwide.

Welcome to the Quinoa world of Andean Valley ... SUPERFOOD YOUR LIFE!!!

Javier Fernandez V


Andean Valley S.A. is a private company with over 15 years experience in production, processing and exporting highly nutritious organic food made with Andean cereals.

Our philosophy is to offer the consumer; health, nutrition and quality of life with our new products, made mainly from Organic Royal Quinoa and supporting sustainable development for quinoa producers and production areas in Bolivia.

Andean Valley S.A. produces, processes and exports a line of over 30 organic, gluten free, lactose-free, products free of preservatives and artificial flavors and free of genetically modified ingredients, to more than 15 countries around the world. We use Royal Quinoa from the southern highlands of Bolivia as our main ingredient.

In 2009 the company decided to cross borders with an international expansion strategy and together with strategic partnerships with local business, we opened our own sales companies and distributors in:

Andean Valley Brasil
Andean Valley Brasil
Andean Valley Colombia
Andean Valley Colombia S.A.S.
Andean Valley Costa Rica
Andean Valley Costa Rica S.A.
Andean Valley Peru
Andean Valley Perú S.A.
Andean Valley Japon
Andean Valley Japón S.A.

Andean Valley S.A. has the largest quinoa processing capacity in Bolivia and the world; we use state of the art technology in treating the quinoa grain; over 9,000metric tones of quinoa sent over time to MT Quinoa Corporation, in a business relationship dating from 1998, vouch for our efficiency.


To be the leading company in innovation and development of high quality nutritious organic food, made with Organic Royal Quinoa, providing our customers and consumers, NUTRITION, HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE, with our extensive line of products.


To position, through our own sales companies located throughout the world, the most diverse line of organic foods made with Organic Royal Quinoa produced under international standards of quality, food safety, social and environmental responsibility.


The success of our company is based on: 

Building a relationship of trust with our customers and consumers based on the high quality of our products. With the right people with the knowledge and understanding of the needs of our markets and our firm commitment to continuously improve our processes and technologies.

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our producers, based on the promotion of agro-ecological production in such a way that we guarantee that the raw material and foods made by our company meet the highest quality standards.