Authentic Royal Quinoa

Bolivian Quinoa exporter

You demand rigorous standards, we deliver


Long before, 2016 we have been operating under highest quality standards


Since 1998, we remain true to our promise of sustainability, and we commit with USA national standards for organic production


Health and organic controls in the European Union are a top priority for us.


We stand by our values, and we comply with Canada’s national standards for organic production.


Proud to meet your requirements we are registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration , HAACP, GMP


Some of our products are kosher-certified since 2010.


From the beginning as a company, we have believed that the values and commitments that we consolidate would lead us to create a “quinoa world” where our employees, farmers and clients are certain that they work with a company that has a holistic management vision.

Our amazing range of 50 organic, gluten-free, non- GMO, no-coloring and no-preservatives products, our 483 farmer families and our clients across 20 countries can count on products that follow values and standards that generate holistic well-being.