Authentic Royal Quinoa

Bolivian Quinoa exporter

We Love creating the Quinoa World

company grows, our brand re-evolves and our products expand into the world. We are stronger than ever, ready to leap into a new transformative future. We want to share our knowledge and energy to empower and nourish the world, while remaining –as always– steadfast protectors of our ancestral legacy, our people and our soil.

The Re-evolution of a holistic nutrition worldwide.


We have the largest quinoa processing capacity of Bolivia and the world, and we have expanded our reach across borders, opening our own sales companies and distributors, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Perú and Japan. using state-of-the-art technology in our facilities to create super healthy , nutritious and tasty products, we share our Andean Tradition with more than 15 countries around the world.

Drawing our expertise and determination from our 20 years experience producing, processing and exporting this amazing andean grain.


From our very beginning as a company that just processed Royal Quinoa, we have always pushed our boundaries and kept innovation as our goal. We have walked this path with a strong sense of commitment and courage, and today we proudly offer our clients and consumers a wonderful range of 50 organic, gluten-free, non- GMO, no-coloring and no-preservatives products. Standing firm and tall, we share a tradition that carries the promise of healthier, more nutritious food to more than 20 countries around the world.


Andean Valley has been certified organic, since, 1998. Making it the oldest company in Latin America to have this certification. Our certifications endorse that we keep up with the strictest global requirements on quality standards: FSSC22000, NOPUSDA, THE EU, CAN, FDA, KOSHER, HAACP, GMP.

We work with the a holistic vision and truly believe that the success of the company is engrained in the success of our providers, the heart that our employees and partners put into our products and actions and more so in the profound desire to bring to you a product that nourishes your soul.


Our visión of technological development leads us to actively support as well as we work with the main research centers and chambers -such as CPTS, CABOLQUI and PROINPA- in the most essential aspects of our corporative philosophy: sustainability, genuine organic quality, welfare of farmers and transparency in traceability.


We dared to tell the world that there is one better feeding. And for this reason, we've reached to produce 700 METRIC TON per month of high dense quinoa grains. We always have the challenge to offer you more!

We are present in five continents and nineteen countries. Yes, we have committed ourselves to challenging the industry and going beyond the evolution of real nourishment. Our spirit is anchored to the holistic nutrition.

Along with more than ten global strategic allies that represent us, we will continue our expansion in the construction of better alternatives for welfare, quality of life and sustainable nutrition over the world. Bringing you more than fifty holistic nutritious products.


We encourage a positive awareness that has made us work hand in hand over 21 years in order to achieve a better well-being in 18 communities with which we have a solid and unique relationship in the Southern Bolivian highlands.

Committing ourselves into protecting the Earth has made us build grand learning spaces along with our dedicated producers, whom we constantly train in organic sustainable production techniques.

Over 4000 hectares are impacted by this captivating, positive and transforming en- ergy which causes the well-being for future generations to be cultivated in our farmers’ fields.

Protection begins at home. Accordingly, our corporation will firmly continue supporting all State policy that prompts the protection and development of our people, always prioritizing all aim that places healthy diet as a progress core.